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Everyone Should Know Danny DeMichele


Danny DeMichele is an internet marketer, entrepreneur and investor that everyone should know. He did not know how to do everything when he first started. He took the necessary steps to create the business he wanted. He started in business at only twenty years old.His first business was an online nutrition website. He did well and sold it; however it was a stock deal. So when they went belly up, he did not gain anything from it. He used it as a lesson in business and grew from it.

Afterwards he started an internet agency, eVisibility. It was named, the 169th fastest growing company by Inc Magazine in 2010. He sold eVisibility to LSF network. This became the largest digital agency in the world. He is very proud to have excellent relationships with the people who have been a part of his businesses. Some of them have even gone on to be huge names in their own right. He has dedicated twenty years of his life to helping show others how to build big businesses. So because of his failures and successes he is equipped to show others what to do and what not to do along the way of building their business. He has worked with everyone from starter companies to largely recognizable names. He knows the importance of timing and getting things handled quickly. He is currently taking on new clients. So if anyone thinks they would be a good fit for his services, they should definitely contact him right away.

Danny DeMichele Article


Danny DeMichele is an Internet entrepreneur and investor who started his line of business back in 1998 with a successful online nutrition firm that was eventually picked up by a large international health conglomerate. Since then, Danny became an online marketing consultant to a number of fortune 500 companies. He also founded eVisibility, a top search engine marketing firm, in 2006. Four years later, the marketing agency was named the 169th fastest growing company in the United States by Inc. Magazine. He eventually sold it in late 2010 to LSF Network, a global online agency with offices in France, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. With eVisibility’s assets, LSF became one of the largest privately held digital agencies in the United States.

While Danny was working with eVisibility, he co-founded and became chairman of Buy Online, Inc., which started as only two vertically targeted websites in the furniture industry. Within three short years, the company expanded to over twenty sites and gained over $5 million in annual revenue. Danny then sold Buy Online, Inc. to their primary supplier, Max Industries, one of the largest online furniture retailers. He continues to consult with them and still has an important role with the company.

Danny is currently the lead investor of, a digital holding company he also founded to help online properties get to the next level; the executive chairman and privateer of Quiverr, an Amazon Marketplace management company who helps brands gain more revenue and profit on Amazon; the CEO of, a San Diego internet marketing firm to assist successful businesses; and the board of directors for San Diego Sport Innovators, an exclusive company of CEOs, founders and presidents of emerging sports companies.